The Little Sisters of Mary are an Association of women believers of in a Contemplative/monastic life, which was founded by Mother M. Teresa in 1964 and approved in 1982.
Mother M. Teresa spent 20 years in a Carmelitan Monastery as a nun, where she became a Prioress:
She left the Monastery during the Second Vatican Council, in order to found a new type of Contemplative Life in line with the innovations developed by the Council:

Central to these teaching is the Word, of the Sacraments,  
the Ecclesiology of Communion,  
the ecumenical dialogue and through religions,  
the attention to Evangelisation in a world estranged from God  

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Primi lavori


In 1969 Mother M. Teresa found the place where to begin this new concept of a Contemplative Life, at S. Silvestro di Collepino, on Mount Subasio where she found the ruins of an old Abbey steeped in History. Mother M. Teresa always sought new inspiration by finding roots in the past and within a few years, she had created a Hermitage named after the Transfiguration, wholly reflecting the characterisitcs of the new charisma..
Edificazione Eremo



Over time the new community was created which, while commited to growing the experience of faith and prayer, was also opening itself up to the world, offering the possibility of participation to the same way of life for whever requested it

Through time a new way of life deepened and became defined as follows:,
Drafting of own Statute and Rule, openness towards new horizons of prayer and Evangelisation.